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"Reunion Island don't have his Ben Harper, or his Patrice..there have both in TOGUNA" Rap Mag
«Great album! a hot groove with soulful vocals» Marianne
"Toguna is entering on international bands category; they're ready to explode" World Sound Magazine
"an amazing revelation, a real surprise, their sound is absolutely unique" France 24
"Toguna is the best surprise of the SXSW festival 2012" Fox News Tv Usa
Best band of the year 2008 at Trophées des arts afrocaribéens in Paris, Best band of the year 2012 at Voix de l’Océan Indien, Nominated as best reggae artist 2012 at Victoires du Reggae (French united press)
2014 , togunamusic.com
Originally formed in Reunion Island, the Award winning folk rock reggae band Toguna has a very personal style and universal at the same time. Free spirits travelling the world, singer-songwriter Sila & his formers bandmates Daoud Latchoumane & Kingsley Dinnaram have created a signature sound, an uplifting music reflecting the laid-back island lifestyle and the surf/skateboard californian culture. "Toguna flirts with Ben Harper and John Butler with its own strong personality. With this irresistible groove which characterizes them, the members of Toguna drew their musical environment, defined their artistic color, asserting a universe where the reggae dances with the rock, the soul and the funk. It's intense and powerful, musical rainbow which flies over the genres, the styles and fashions."Frankie Pfeiffer (Paris-Move, Blues Magazine Fr/Uk, Classic Rock UK) Independently produced, the band released two albums : Sans Frontieres (2008) and In Colors (2011) , both licensed on the indie label Sakifo records/ Wagram in Europe and Metacompany ltd in Japan. These albums led to some great awards & recognition from the public and the press : Best band of the year 2008 at Trophées des arts afrocaribéens in Paris, Best band of the year 2012 at Voix de l’Océan Indien, nominated as best reggae artist 2012 at Victoires du Reggae (French united press), reaching #1 spot on itunes reggae chart in France, although reggae is just a part of their influence. The band knew an immediate success with their debut album on myspace involving a wide audience across the world (+55000 followers) without any label at that time. Toguna have taken their music to the world, their powerful live show has been acclaimed in Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, South Africa; They have played in big festivals, SXSW (where the band was Fox News ‘s favourite), Francofolies de la Rochelle, Printemps de bourges, Fiesta des Suds, AWME, Nancy Jazz pulsations, Sakifo...and has been invited to share the stage by artists such as Xavier rudd, Patrice, Nneka, Asa, Tiken jah fakoly, Israel vibration and many more; The Sweet Life Experience , Toguna's third studio album was recorded and produced by Sîla and his bandmates Daoud Latchoumane and Kingsley Dinnaram at Toguna's brand new studio in Reunion Island, and mastered by the grammy-winning Brian Gardner (Red Hot, John Mayer, Police, Marley..) in Los Angeles. In september 2012, after a great «In colors» Tour in many countries, the band started working on a new album; This new album is the most achieved work of the band as they’ve been sitting together a full year to refine each of the 12 tracks. «It’s a great feeling to have a place to work deeper our music, taking the time to record & create with people you like, with no compromise, only music straight from the heart» Sîla says. The result is a bit more rock than the other albums released before, but still with their fresh signature sound, blend of folk rock reggae. «we are artistically constantly in motion, each new album is the soundtrack of our life » This album showcase the guitar playing talents of Sîla at the slide guitar and Kingsley at the 12 strings and fender electric. Hot rhythms & cool riffs sublime the catchy songs Sîla wrote on the road from Bali to California, Reunion Island to Europe; Inspired by all the nice people met, the beauty and spirits of nature, some great surf & skateboard places… the sweet life experience was born. A celebration of life, love, hope, nature & laid-back lifestyle.